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Electrical hammer operation and maintenance procedures
1, before the homework. 1.1 confirm whether the power supply used conforms to the specification marked on the tool nameplate. 1.2 confirm whether the power switch is cut off. If the power switch is connected, the power tool will turn unexpectedly when the plug is inserted into the power socket, thus causing a serious accident. 1.3 if the work site is moved away from the power supply, use sufficient capacity, install appropriate extension cables and keep them as short as possible. 2. 2.1. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. 2.2. When working face up, wear a protective mask. 2.3. Use earplugs when working to reduce the impact of mockingscenes. 2.4. The bit holder shall be properly installed. 2.5. Pay attention to the hot state of the drill bit during operation. 2.6. Side handle shall be used in operation. 2.7. Only good operating posture can ensure safe operation. 2.8. Before starting the operation, confirm whether the grease is normally supplied and whether the screws are properly tightened. 2.9. When working above the ground, pay attention to the safety of things inside and pedestrians. 2.10 when drilling the ceiling and floor, it shall first confirm whether there are buried cables and pipelines. A. Put the drill bit into the drilling position and pull the switch trigger. B. The hammer drill only needs to be pressed a little bit to allow the chip to be discharged freely, and there is no need to push hard at all. 3.2 chipping and crushing put the drill bit on the chipping and crushing position and use the weight of the drill to carry out the operation. When you do your homework, you don't have to push at all. When drilling and driving with self-drilling anchor bolts, the anchor bolts can be punched in.

Electrical hammer operation and maintenance procedures

At this time, must use such as bolt attachment, such as a variety of self-drilling bolt optional attachment. 3.2.1 use shock bolt appendage a. attach the rotating wooden handle to the bolt appendage, cut out a base hole at the drilling site after the impact, and use the operation rotary handle to hold the stage, the plug is not filled in the bolt b. after reaching the predetermined depth, temporarily pull out the anchor bolt. C. Use an injector to blow away the chips. D. Attach the plug to the anchor bolt and continue to drive the anchor bolt with the hammer drill. E. After driving the anchor bolt, use the wrench key (DRIFTKEY) to separate the anchor bolt. A. Assemble the self-drilling anchor bolt into the anchor bolt adapter. B. Switch on and drill the base hole with self-drilling anchor bolt. When drilling, tilt the drill slightly to determine the hole position. C. After removing the chip with the injector, assemble the plug on the anchor tip and hammer the bolt into place. D. Perform the operation of cutting items. At this point, the anchor bolt appendage must be used. A. Attach the drill bit together with the taper shank to the taper shank adapter. B. Connect the shape and drill until the hole depth of the marked groove is reached. C. After removing the chip tip with the injector, assemble the plug on the anchor bolt tip and drive the anchor bolt with a hammer or pliers. 4, maintenance 4.1. Check the bit: using a dull bit will make the motor work out of order and reduce the operating efficiency. Therefore, if significant wear is found on the bit, it should be replaced or sharpened immediately. 4.2. Check the mounting screws: check whether the mounting screws are tight and proper regularly. If it is found that the screw is loose, it should be tightened immediately, otherwise it will lead to serious accident.

4.3. Motor maintenance: motor winding is the heart of power tools. Check carefully for damage and dampness by oil or water. 4.4. Check the carbon brush: the carbon brush on the motor is a kind of consumable, whose wear degree exceeds the "wear limit" once, the motor will fail. Therefore, the worn carbon brush should be replaced immediately. In addition, the brush must be kept clean so that it can slide freely in the brush holder. Replacement steps: remove the tail cover and brush cover, the carbon brush can be removed. 4.5. Check the dust cover: the dust cover is designed to prevent dust and dirt from invading the internal mechanism. If the dust cover is worn out, replace it immediately. The dust cover can be removed with a pull.