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How should charging drill be adjusted and used
How should charging drill be adjusted and used
1. Loading and unloading of rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable battery removal: hold the handle tightly and press the battery latch to remove the battery. Installation of rechargeable battery: confirm the positive and negative electrodes before inserting the battery.

2, charge

The rechargeable battery charger, correctly inserted at 20 ℃, about 1 h can full of electricity. Note that the rechargeable battery internal temperature control switch, the battery power more than 45 ℃ will not charge, rechargeable after cooling.

3. Before homework

A. Bit loading and unloading. Drill bit installation: insert the drill bit and chuck into the driller without switch, hold the ring tightly, and screw the sleeve back (clockwise from below). If the sleeve becomes loose during operation, please tighten the sleeve again. When tightening the sleeve, the tightening force will be stronger and stronger.

Remove the drill bit: hold the ring tightly and loosen the sleeve to the left (viewed from the front, counterclockwise).

B. check steering. When the selection handle is placed at position R, the drill bit rotates clockwise (from behind the charging drill). When the selection handle is placed at position L, the drill bit rotates counterclockwise (from behind the charging drill). The symbols "R" and "L" are marked on the machine body.

Note: please confirm whether the power switch has been turned off when changing the speed with the rotary knob. Changing the speed when the motor rotates will damage the gear.

4. Usage

When using a charging drill, the bit cannot jam. If stuck, shut off the power supply immediately, otherwise the motor or rechargeable battery will burn out.

5. Maintenance and matters needing attention

When the drill bit is stained, please wipe it with a soft cloth or a wet cloth with soapy water. Do not use chlorine solution, gasoline or thinner to prevent the plastic part from melting.

Should be rechargeable drill collection at temperature below 40 ℃, and a minor's reach.