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Common malfunctions and maintenance methods of electric hammer
Common faults and maintenance skills:

I. electrical fault

Electrical malfunctions, mainly open circuit, short circuit, grounding, rotor commutator ring spark.

Open circuit fault are mostly covered wire broken, of which the roots of the handle is broken is the most common skin line, the bolt has a characteristic, is the power wires of electric hammer received a multimeter on the resistance of the switch is pressed, the root of the activity with the hand skin line, multimeter reading will change, and it is easy to break is the root of plug, switch bad situation also many, switch the multimeter is good to check the carbon brush can also cause a break a contact, check the carbon flash, there are two ways of poor contact:

First observe the carbon brush end face so smooth contact is good, the contact surface is bad. Another inspection method is to connect the watch pen of the multimeter to the motor occurrence end, and press two screwdrivers on the brush socket and rotor at the same time. At this time, if the motor is on, it means that the motor has no fault. If the carbon brush is blocked, it means that the carbon brush has bad contact. Stator earrings burn, can also cause motor circuit breaker.

The rotor is also sometimes broken, characterized by the power line to the multimeter, slowly rotating the rotor, reading will have great changes. Grounding is generally caused by stator, rotor friction iron, friction iron need to change the rotor. Is another kind of water be affected with damp be affected with damp or dry, spark big rotor are generally rotor fault cause, need to change the rotor, the rotor replacement to observe whether there is a phenomenon of iron, after rub rail serious boot has stuck to choke voice, iron and gently work after a long time there will be more anxious burnt flavour current, the causes of rub rail are, fixed screw loosening of stator, bearing too loose, stator shell deformation, bearing damage, etc.

Second, mechanical failure

Electric hammer mechanical part failure of the main shock and impact is no weakness, no impact is the main reason of the piston and impact hammer the aprons on the aging, will stand up, large cylinder mouth down, such as impact hammer can free fall, the aprons must be aging, aging of synthetic at work can hear the sound of the piston and the impact hammer impact each other, can be found after teardown piston hammer face shine, and impact short seed also can not impact (compare the new impact seeds)

Lack of oil can also cause shock weakness. If the above conditions have not been normal impact, it must be a good observation of the cylinder to see whether there is a crack, crack need to be replaced.

If the motor turns after starting up, the hammer head can not hear the compressed sound. It may be that the connecting rod is broken or the eccentric wheel is broken. If the motor turns after starting up, the hammer head does not turn nor does the sound of compression have the possibility of damage to the first-stage wheel or broken shaft of the rotor. Then there is the bad appearance of the umbrella teeth as weak or not turn at all.

There is also a phenomenon imploring your attention, is the key fracture, when we check the gear and shaft, because of strong friction shaft and gear glue together, it is not easy to find the key fracture, but with the load will not work properly.

Be sure to clean up the dirt and grease in the trouble spot before replacing it, so that we can find other faults.

Needle roller bearing in the middle cover must be good, such as defective, he damaged, can be associated with the first wheel and rotor shaft are easy to damage.

Through the understanding of the electrical hammer fault, I believe that in the future use, dealing with the electrical hammer fault can be more handy. At the same time, the operation specification of the electric hammer is also not to be ignored, because a large part of the failure occurs because of the non-standard operation.