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Usage of charging drill

1. The tightening torque of the charging drill can be adjusted according to the position setting of the clamping plate.

When using the charging drill as a screwdriver, put the Numbers "1, 3, 5... A number or white dot in 22 "aligns with a triangular mark on the outside of the fuselage.

Please note: the clamping disc cannot be set in the number "1, 3, 5..? ... Between 22 "or between white dots. Do not use a charging drill when the clamping disc is between "22" and the white line in the middle of the charging rig mark. Otherwise, the charging drill will cause damage.

When using the charging drill as a rig, align the rig mark (arrow mark) on the clamping disc with the triangular mark on the outside of the fuselage.

2. Tightening torque adjustment

Tightening torque: the strength of tightening torque should correspond to the diameter of the screw. If the torque is too high, the screw head will be damaged or broken. Be sure to adjust the position of the clamping plate according to the diameter of the screw.

Indication of tightening torque: the tightening torque varies according to the type of screw and the material to be tightened. Charging drill adopts the number "1, 3, 5... 22 "and white dots to indicate tightening torque. The torque position "1" is the smallest when it is tightened, and the largest when it is the largest number.

Adjust the tightening torque: turn the Numbers "1, 3, 5" on the clamping plate. ... 22 "or white dots align with triangular markings on the outside of the fuselage. Adjust the clamping plate to the direction of small torque or large torque according to the required torque.

Please note: the motor may be locked and stop rotating when the charging drill is used. Please do not lock the motor when using the electric screwdriver drill. If the impact time is too long, the screw may be broken due to excessive tightening force.

3. Scope of use and Suggestions

Drilling: wood, steel, aluminum for drilling.

Screw fastening: machine screws; Use a drill or sleeve that matches the diameter of the screw.

Wood screw; Use after drilling the guide hole.

4. Installation and unloading of drill bits

When the driver drill bit is inserted into the keyless rig chuck, please hold the ring tightly and turn right (clockwise when viewed from the front) the guide sleeve to tighten it.

If the guide sleeve becomes loose during operation, it should be screwed tighter. If the guide sleeve is screwed too tightly, the tightening force will increase.

Unmounting the bit: hold the ring tightly and loosen it with a left (counterclockwise when viewed from the front) guide bush.

Note: when the guide sleeve cannot be unscrewed, secure the drill bit with a vice or similar tool. Then set the clutch mode between 1 and 10 and turn the guide sleeve to the relaxed side (left) while operating the clutch so that the conductive sleeve should be easy to loosen. There is a cruciform screwdriver drill bit on the drill unit, which is unloaded and unloaded by pulling forward. After the bit is used, be sure to reattach it securely to the main unit of the charging drill.